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How our online booking service works

Booking.com's intermediation service

"Booking.com" means Booking.com B.V., a limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands, and having its registered address at Herengracht 597, 1017 CE, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Booking.com is a Booking Holdings Inc. wholly-owned subsidiary.

Booking.com owns the website "www.booking.com".

Through the "www.booking.com" website, Booking.com provides an online booking service through which all accommodation providers, such as hoteliers, and other providers can offer their products and booking services, and that the website users can use to make a reservation.

Booking.com B.V. itself does not provide the services offered on the "www.booking.com" website and therefore does not sell the accommodation.

When you make a booking via the "www.booking.com" website, you are committed in a direct contractual relationship to the provider with whom you made a reservation. Booking.com communicates your booking details to the relevant provider(s) and sends you a confirmation email in the name and on behalf of the provider.

Our booking service is free for the user.

Booking.com doesn't charge the guest for any booking or cancellation fees nor any other fees related to their reservation, and no payment is made by Booking.com. The payment is directly charged by the provider.

The providers

The providers authorized to offer their booking products or services and whose deals are displayed on the "www.booking.com" website are professionals in a contractual relationship with Booking.com.

As part of this contractual relationship, Booking.com receives a commission from the provider after that the guest has stayed at the provider's accommodation or benefited from the service or product.

A breach of the provider's obligations to Booking.com can lead to its delisting.


The bookable products and services available on the "www.booking.com" website can't be exhaustive.

Booking.com doesn't list similar products and services offered by professionals or non-professionals who don't have a contractual relationship with Booking.com.

The listed providers don't necessarily offer all their accommodation on the "www.booking.com" website.

On the "www.booking.com" website homepage, you will find the number of worldwide available accommodation that are bookable on the website.

You will find on the search results page the number of providers in the country, the region or the city where the service and/or the product is sought.


All property information displayed on the "www.booking.com" website is based on information given by providers who update prices, availability and options at their sole discretion and at their own pace through the Extranet website to which they have access.

Booking.com endeavors to update the "www.booking.com" website in real time.

Properties ranking

On the results page of our website, properties in the relevant region or city are sorted by default or, for convenience purposes, by filters located at the top of the results page, which you can use to see matching results only:

  • Our top picks (default ranking):

    "Our top picks" is the ranking default setting created by a complex ever changing and evolving automatic system. This algorithm considers a multitude of criteria including the popularity of a provider among their customers, the prices, the customer service record, certain booking data, the commission percentage and the on-time payment of commission.

  • Lowest price first:

    properties will be displayed from lower to higher prices.

  • Customer review score and price:

    properties will be displayed from the best value for money to the lowest.

  • Star rating:

    taraf bintang penginapan yang dipaparkan di laman Booking.com tidak ditentukan oleh Booking.com. Pihak penginapan menetapkan taraf bintang tersendiri atau ia ditentukan oleh penyedia penarafan bintang bebas (objektif) pihak ketiga. Tawaran yang ditunjukkan berdasarkan jumlah bintang (rendah ke tinggi atau tinggi ke rendah) yang disediakan penyedia kepada Booking.com. Bergantung kepada peraturan (setempat), klasifikasi bintang diperuntukkan sama ada menerusi pihak ketiga (bebas), contohnya organisasi penarafan hotel (rasmi) atau berdasarkan pada pendapat penyedia penginapan itu sendiri, tanpa mengira kriteria objektif. Booking.com tidak mengenakan kewajipan rasmi terhadap penarafan bintang dan tidak menyemaknya. Secara keseluruhan, klasifikasi bintang memberi gambaran bagaimana penginapan tersebut dibandingkan dengan keperluan undang-undang (jika berkenaan) atau, jika tidak dikawal selia, piawaian sektor atau (adat) industri dari segi harga, kemudahan dan perkhidmatan yang tersedia (keperluan dan piawaian ini boleh berbeza antara negara dan organisasi berlainan). Bintang yang digunakan untuk penginapan bukan hotel (contohnya penginapan & sarapan) mungkin tidak sesuai dengan sistem klasifikasi bintang yang digunakan untuk hotel atau penginapan. Sekiranya kami menerima maklumat bahawa pihak penginapan mungkin mempunyai klasifikasi bintang yang mengelirukan di platform kami, kami akan mengesahkan maklumat ini dengan pihak penginapan dan mohon untuk mereka menyesuaikan klasifikasi bintang atau mengisytiharkannya tepat dan tidak mengelirukan.

  • Guest review score:

    the properties that received the best scores from guests will be displayed first (from high to low).

  • Distance from city centre:

    properties closest to the city centre will be displayed first (from the closest to the furthest).

Booking.com operates a Preferred Partner Programme. The Preferred Partner Programme groups together properties that stand out for their excellent services and quality/price ratio while offering competitive prices. On equal criteria, a Preferred Partner will be ranked higher than other properties for the relevant region or city. Preferred Partners get a special thumbs-up icon and pay a higher commission for this ranking.

Rate components and potential additional fees

The rates displayed on the website are set and communicated by the providers.

  • Accommodations:

    Unless otherwise specified, the rates are displayed per accommodation and for your entire stay.

    The potential taxes and additional fees may vary according to the country, the accommodation, the selected room type and the number of guests. Each deal description specifies which taxes are included and which are excluded, if applicable. You will find more information about components included in the rate by clicking on the accommodation name to open the deal breakdown, and by hovering over the text in the "Your choices" column. This information is also showing in your confirmation e-mail. Please note that taxes may vary according to decisions taken by local authorities.

    We display all the equipments and facilities offered by the accommodation. To view them, click on the accommodation name to open the deal breakdown. All the equipment and facilities may not be included in the rate. Additional fees may apply for some services or equipments, such as breakfast, cleaning service or internet. To know if the equipments or facilities offered are included in the rate, hover over the question mark showing in the "Your choices" column.

  • Tickets:

    Prices are per person or group.

    The currency converter on our website is for information purposes only and should not be relied upon as accurate and effective at the time of booking; actual rates may vary.

Method for settling disputes

The contractual relationship is established between the provider and the user. Therefore, any claim regarding the stay policy or the performance of the services shall be addressed directly to the provider.

Unless otherwise provided by the public order, any dispute arising from the use of our services and general terms shall be submitted to the relevant jurisdictions in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.